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Collaboration with Emily Smith! 

Rob has been brewing up some super catchy new songs in collaboration with acclaimed singer-songwriter Emily Smith.

Here's a sneak preview of their first single, to be released this summer!
Clip of NEW song! "She Can Flow" (to be released soon)

Emily's songs have been featured on TV shows such as The Young & The Restless, through her exclusive publishing deals with a prominent music licensing company. The same company has signed Rob and Emily's first song "She Can Flow," and are actively pitching it for high quality television. Stay tuned for more news!

8.7.15 Cross Country Tour! 

Rob's setting out on a three month US tour - going back to some of the same west coast and mountain state spots he hit this winter, and then trekking our to the southeast before looping back to California. This will be a fun one, with a mix of solo shows, full band shows, and Rob playing lead guitar with some great bands along the way. Check the tour dates page for more details!
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